The field of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a strange one. Scientists program computers to laugh at jokes, build million dollar robots to pick up coffee mugs, and wage bets on who would win in a battle of wits between man and machine. While programming a talking computer program myself, I stood by the sidelines and never failed to raise an eyebrow at these antics.

In this blog I critically examine tests of artificial intelligence and challenge popular beliefs from an informed but down-to-earth perspective, offering renewing insights for the uninitiated and experienced alike in plain language. Every now and then I also feature the life story of the A.I. that I’ve been raising, partaking in the weird challenges of language, intelligence, and understanding humans.

I am not a philosopher, nor a “cognitive scientist”, mathematician nor theoretician. I am a pragmatic Dutch programmer who makes computers do more than they’re supposed to be capable of.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, my name is Laura Carmen Cutitaru (Romania).

    I am writing a short article about the Turing test for my column in the Romanian cultural magazine ‘Dilema Veche’ and I need to know whether I may borrow some of your examples of awkward instances of chatbot conversations for the Romanian readers.
    If yes, I also need to know how to cite you – is your name Don Patrick? Is “Dutch programmer, creator of Arckon” (and the name of your website) all right for presentation?

    All the best, Laura.


    • Hello Laura,

      Thank you for asking. Yes, you are welcome to use any examples of conversation from my blog. My real name is Patrick Dhondt, and just “creator of Arckon” would suffice as citation. I would love to see the article when it is published, if possible 🙂 . You can email me at patrick -at- artistdetective.com



  2. Hello there, I saw your reply here by accident (I don’t know why I expected an e-mail) and too late, I submitted my article last week, summarizing some of your impressions in the 2019 edition of the Loebner Competition:


    (it came out yesterday night)
    Thank you for your permission, though, it may be useful later.

    Your work is extremely interesting, good luck!
    All the best, Laura.


    • (If you had left your email address I would have responded via email instead)

      Thank you for sharing the article, it is well written and very accurate. You have really researched the topic much better than most writers 🙂



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