The field of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a strange one. Scientists program computers to laugh at jokes, build million dollar robots to pick up coffee mugs, and wage bets on who would win in a battle of wits between man and machine. While programming a talking computer program myself, I stood by the sidelines and never failed to raise an eyebrow at these antics.

In this blog I critically examine tests of artificial intelligence and challenge popular beliefs from an informed but down-to-earth perspective, offering renewing insights for the uninitiated and experienced alike in plain language. Every now and then I also feature the life story of the A.I. that I’ve been raising, partaking in the weird challenges of language, intelligence, and understanding humans.

I am not a philosopher, nor a “cognitive scientist”, mathematician nor theoretician. I am a pragmatic Dutch programmer who makes computers do more than they’re supposed to be capable of.

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